About me

How I move you

For a longterm strong competetive edge, I support you in the continuous increase in efficiency, customer benefit and innovation.

Improving the use of your management resources and creating space for pro-active leadership through synergies between employee motivation and business goals.

Dr. Robert Angst - Sustainable improvement

Dr. Robert Angst - Sustainable improvement

What moves me

My passion as a consultant, coach, trainer and engineer is to apply my strategic, solution-oriented way of thinking for the success of my customers and clients, to impart knowledge, learn new things and improve existing things.

In doing so, I value clear, sincere communication and responsible handling of resources, both man and environment.

It is my conviction that almost all teams and managers can achieve lasting excellent results through targeted consulting, coaching and empowerment. For me these forms of support are the greatest enablers for internal growth and sustainable competitive strength of organizations.

Privately I am a passionate musician with international stage experience. From my concerts and sessions, I have learned that listening can be more powerful than virtuosity.

How I support you

Combining my systemic consulting and coaching approach with my background as an engineer, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, project and corporate experience as well as Agile, Design Thinking and Toyota Kata know-how is how I add value to my clients and customers.

My clients appreciate the clarity, structure and a solution-oriented, data-based approach when working with me.

It is my professional claim to make myself superfluous, as the empowerment to self-efficacy is the central element of my work.

Systemic consulting and coaching for competetive strengh through on Agile, Lean and Design Thinking - Dr. Robert Angst

Dr. Robert Angst - Competetive strength through systemic consulting and coaching

My skills and experiences

My experiences include more than 20 years as an engineer in the technical field and more than ten years of international experience in the aviation industry. Eight years of which I worked as a global expert for business process improvement (Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt), Head of Business Improvement, leader, coach and trainer.

Examples for customer and stakeholder feedback

  • “delivers on time and to a high standard”, “very customer focused and has played a significant part in driving Lead time and output improvements”
  • “natural change agent”, “thrives on adding value”, “strong understanding and passion for increasing customer value and eliminating [process] waste”, “very logical and structured in approach”
  • “very strong communicator”, “very focused and communicates in a clear, simple manner”, “approaches wider forum effectively in a smooth way”
  • “thoughtful and thought provoking questioning”, “easy and always a pleasure to work with”,
    “well balanced and always calm, very process focused but with good common sense”

Examples of skills and experience

  • Providing structure and clarity in times of change and crisis
    through more than eight years of experience with large local and international transformation,
    improvement and change projects in the aviation industry
  • Bringing strong focus on value creation for the customer, quality and safety
    through leading a number of improvement projects
  • Lean leadership and effective management
    through many years of management experience and more than 8 years of internal
    consulting in a global matrix organization, on site and remote
  • Effective and authentic communication from the working level to C-level
    through the implemenation of improvement projects from the shop floor to the project
  • Simple teaching of complex technical contexts
    through more than 20 years of experience as lecturer, trainer and facilitator
  • Goal-oriented use of KPIs, introducing tactical and strategic measures
    via data-based, statistically versed working methods as a Master Black Belt
  • Remote-management, -coaching and -facilitation
    through sucessfull remote leadership, meetings, coaching interventions, workshops, lectures and trainings

Examples of activities and projects

  • Robust Design study, saving EUR 2.8 million
  • Global logistics project, saving EUR 1.75 million.
  • Training and coaching of teams and leaders, Green and Black Belts in Lean and Six Sigma methods.
  • Kaizen events with internal and external key account holders.
  • Rolls-Royce President's Award as member of a global program team to reduce assembly
    time on two final assembly lines by up to 53%.

Certifications and advanced training (excerpt)

  • Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Operational Excellence Master Coach
  • Toyota Kata Coach
  • Process Excellence Leadership Academy
  • High Performance Culture
  • Agile Scrum Master und Product Owner
  • Design Sprint Facilitator
  • Design Thinking
  • Cerified Coach (QRC)
  • Systemic Coach
  • Train the trainer
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

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